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Will be in Helsinki very soon, questions!

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So... How did it go? :W Got any pics? ;D

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Haha yes sir, I'm very used to the snow and cold. The highs here last week were deep in the negatives. No biggie! I should have done more research, I would have postponed it for a later date!

Nupa, I hadn't seen that link before but will def be studying it lol. The girls of finnish heritage here are prudes!

I´m sure you´ve read this already  ::)   http://www.returnofkings.com/3948/finland-is-honored-to-have-sexual-women

Have fun in the cold and snow! m/ ;D Oh... But you're used to it, so no shock to you. :W

You should've gone a week later. That way you could've attended the FBCOF Winter Meet. ;)

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Flying out Friday night, couldn't be more excited right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/


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