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Vs: Selectable forum language
« Vastaus #2 : 23.12.2011 - klo:11:59 »
Hello! I am so glad you've shared this information here! Now I figure out how to change the language! Thanks a lot, it's more convenient to operate this forum on my native language!

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Selectable forum language
« Vastaus #1 : 20.10.2006 - klo:10:26 »
Users can select their preferred language from two installed language packs - English and Finnish. Forum default language is Finnish, so first-time visitors will unfortunately have to bear with that while registering but once registered, the language pack can be changed from user profile. Here are the instructions how:

Go to your profile by clicking Profiili-button. From there click Perusasetukset-link and from the dropdown list adjacent to Käytettävä kielipaketti select English. Now scroll the page down and insert your password in the last input field (Nykyinen salasana) and submit by clicking Muuta profiilia-button and you're all set.  m/

Click on the underneath picture to enlarge it for better viewing.
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