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Vs: Hello, from New Hampshire
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Sweet Camaro dude..  \m/
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Vs: Hello, from New Hampshire
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Nice ride   m/  welcome abord   \m/
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Hello, from New Hampshire
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Hello to all of my ancestors over in Finland!  My grandfather came to this country in the 1930's from Finland and he married my grandmother who was a second generation Finn. My father was born here but didn't learn English until first grade as all they spoke at home was Finnish. The town I live in is made up heavily of Finnish descendants, due to the fact that the Apostolic Lutheran Church is here. At least 1/3 of my graduating high school class was Finnish. Anyways, I wanted to join up here. About a year back I bought a 68 Camaro, clone RS/SS with a tired (too much spray) 383, Coan Racing TH400 and a 4 link. Just so you know the Camaro/ Trans-Am/ Mustang, esp Fox Bodies are what your relatives here are driving, in addition to Diesel trucks.

-Michael Heikkila

here are a few pics of my car

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